One day I will be Mrs. Luke Hemmings haha GOD I WISH

5 seconds of summer on jimmy kimmel singing amnesia

We would be cute together

Luke Imagine for Kayla: Telling Sadie


A/N: This is gonna be another sad one: just a warning! (Kayla, if you want another one that’s happy I’ll write another one for you!)

”Mommy was beautiful, wasn’t she?” You and Luke’s 4 year old daughter, Sadie, looked at some old pictures of you, as it would have been your 30th birthday. “She…

I cried so hard reading this OMG


pls ask me

1. Brown
2. Hazel
4. austin mahone
5. N/a don’t like girl singers
6. 5sos, before you exit
7. Nash, Luke hemmings, Riley McDonough
8. Single
9. She Looks so perfect
10. In Miami or LA
11. I had a boyfriend that is famous :)

Nash and baby bro Hayes

Nash chat hahahah

Nashty snapchat videos

Look who Nash is with:)

Hahah Nash is so funny on snapchat lol love this kid

Snap chatting Nash yesterday when he was in New York :)

Snap chatting Nash for the first time OMG



i need to take my mind off things so yeah free ships ships ships

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13 songs in one paragraph 5SOS

I would ship Luke and I together :) I’m in love with their song AMNESIA!!!!