Am i the only one who was confused as to why one, they shower together.. an why Calum showers with socks?

Well they are on tour so they do shower together there’s only one bathroom with a shower at every venue and I would wear socks to if I was showering in a venue bathroom u don’t know what goes down in there ew haha

5 seconds of summer drawings


Who would you guys ship me with? ^^
& if I ever can get a 5sos anon I’ll cry.

I would ship you with Ashton :)

Selfie …. Haha

One day I will be Mrs. Luke Hemmings haha GOD I WISH

5 seconds of summer on jimmy kimmel singing amnesia

We would be cute together

Luke Imagine for Kayla: Telling Sadie


A/N: This is gonna be another sad one: just a warning! (Kayla, if you want another one that’s happy I’ll write another one for you!)

”Mommy was beautiful, wasn’t she?” You and Luke’s 4 year old daughter, Sadie, looked at some old pictures of you, as it would have been your 30th birthday. “She…

I cried so hard reading this OMG


pls ask me

1. Brown
2. Hazel
4. austin mahone
5. N/a don’t like girl singers
6. 5sos, before you exit
7. Nash, Luke hemmings, Riley McDonough
8. Single
9. She Looks so perfect
10. In Miami or LA
11. I had a boyfriend that is famous :)

Nash and baby bro Hayes

Nash chat hahahah

Nashty snapchat videos

Look who Nash is with:)

Hahah Nash is so funny on snapchat lol love this kid

Snap chatting Nash yesterday when he was in New York :)