pls ask me

1. Brown
2. Hazel
4. austin mahone
5. N/a don’t like girl singers
6. 5sos, before you exit
7. Nash, Luke hemmings, Riley McDonough
8. Single
9. She Looks so perfect
10. In Miami or LA
11. I had a boyfriend that is famous :)

Nash and baby bro Hayes

Nash chat hahahah

Nashty snapchat videos

Look who Nash is with:)

Hahah Nash is so funny on snapchat lol love this kid

Snap chatting Nash yesterday when he was in New York :)

Snap chatting Nash for the first time OMG



i need to take my mind off things so yeah free ships ships ships

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13 songs in one paragraph 5SOS

I would ship Luke and I together :) I’m in love with their song AMNESIA!!!!


Can I please get a cute Luke girl, Ashton girl, and Calum girl so we can start a rad tumblr clique like that’d be so cool

I’ll be Luke’s girl :) I love that boy so much


Mine & weirdbandgeek ‘s edit of Luke :) Follow us for more edits :)


luke doing the tongue bite thing makes me heart eyes emoji


I had this picture on my phone and my cousin was like “Ew! They are so ugly.” As she continued to scroll through my pictures she said that Luke, Michael, Ashton, and Calum were hot. Only after did I tell her it was the same people from two years ago